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Lucy Furr - Submission EP (PRSPCT EP 010)

WEB release: 07/03/2016

1: Submission – Lucy Furr
2: Infidel – Lucy Furr
3: Wendy – Lucy Furr & Sinister Souls
4: The Nights Watch – Lucy Furr & Adi J


Bron: Steen

For those of you that don’t know and/or have probably been living under a rock for the last years.. Lucy Furr has been in the music production game for many years with numerous Hardcore releases under her alias Miss Hysteria. A few years back she decided to start focussing more on her Drum & Bass productions. And with succes… Her debut Desolation EP that was released on PRSPCT last year created a pretty damn big stir and now this mega talented lady is back with her follow up EP.

2 solo tracks and 2 collaborations with Sinister Souls & Adi J.
Crushing Drum & Bass, Uplifting 4/4 kick drums. Its just pretty damn awesome Hardcore Drum & Bass!!
Another big plus: Although its just her 2nd release its already very clear that Lucy Furr has managed to create her own signature sound.
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The darkside van Miss Hysteria :worship:

Even wachten op langere previews.
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Kraak... Piep...
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Wendy :drool:
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